is the leading authority on restorative academic programming.  We restore the trajectory of student’s lives by offering them the opportunity to intrinsically navigate curriculum, content standards and state requirements through the build-out and use of a “conceptual learning system”.  This systematic approach aligns to federal ESSA requirements and components for students within all States.  

According to the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET), a child drops out of high  school every nine seconds.

RISE restorative academic programs and services assist individual schools, educational districts and communities in combating the staggering social and economic costs of student populations who are prone to disadvantage outcomes due to economic and socio- emotional outliers.


Since 2000, RISE (which has recently been trademarked, RISE)  restorative academic programs has restored over 30,000 students of all ages and demographic-and introduced them to academic completion, high school diplomas, healthy living, college graduation, law degrees, authorship, doctoral degrees, etc.