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RISE utilizes a number of neurological -based approaches as the platform to design individualized curriculum aligned concept-based models.

Initial and ongoing progress monitoring is used for assessment and state required completion alignment for all grade levels.

Our blended academic therapeutic approach is tailored to ensure that each student earns the necessary content, concepts and /or credits to accelerate and complete grade levels.

Students who RISE overcome the some of the following:

  • Rape

  • Domestic Violence

  • Incest

  • Burden to Support Family Members Financially

  • Transfers

  • Victims of Drug Abuse/Users/Distributors

  • Teenage Fathers/ Teenage Mothers

  • Son/Daughters of Teenage Fathers/ Mothers

  • Have a Learning Disability

  • Have Anxiety Disorders due to Domestic Outliers

  • Trauma Induced Depression

  • Have Dlfflculty Concentrating in large Class settings.

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Our blended academic therapeutic approach is designed to ensure that each student receives the necessary content, concepts, and/or credits to advance and complete grade levels. RISE students have overcome some of the following:


Domestic Violence

Learning the ABCs

 Have a Learning Disability

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