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RISE, at its core, is a neurological based blended learning program where we train,develop and oversee on site teachers and experts. We empower and train them as they develop, incorporate, assesses, evaluate and deliver concept-based learning tools, projects, assessments and rubrics for targeted populations, We use our templates to enhance student success across the board.



•      Student growth and Achievement

•      Performance Accountability



All of our tools are designed to ensure that all students earn and learn the necessary concepts.. Aligned with State requirements to progress to their next grade-level, college, vocational setting, and /or job. All of our customized models are aligned to state

•Specific standards and curriculum:

RISE four-step process guarantees that all student's individual achievement helps school districts and students reach their goals



  1. Assess and Analyze
    (RISE conducts therapeutic and academic assessments and evaluations prior to programming)

  2. Align
    RISE creates personalized therapeutic student plans that are aligned to state and grade level completion requirements)

  3. Facilitate and Instruct
    (RISE team of trained instructors, academic experts, and technical writers creates neurological-aligned concept-based portfolio-aligned projects, lessons, assessments plans, and rubrics based on the best practice model of Neuro-Scientist Dr Caroline Leaf)

  4. Monitoring and Movement
    (RISE conducts weekly progress monitor through required intrinsic response tools and assessments.   RISE also incorporates individual schools, districts, and/or targeted population’s progress reports, report cards, intermittent, benchmark, and state assessments to track data)

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